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Parenting and Child Raising

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Parenting and Child Raising
Are you struggling with a child who is disrespectful or disobedient?
Do you wish your children would do their chores and pitch in around the house more without being bribed, cajoled or begged?
Do you sometimes wonder if you are in charge or if your children are?
Do you find yourself arguing with your children a lot, instead of having peaceful, respectful dialogue?
Do you find that your children are irresponsible? Do you find yourself compensating for their lack of responsibility?
Are your children constantly looking for ways to test the boundaries and push the limits?
One of the greatest challenges of parenting today is getting kids to listen while avoiding arguments and screaming matches. Disrespectful behavior is modeled everywhere: in the media, on TV, at home and in school. As a result, children have come to believe that it is their “right” to contradict or argue with their parents. Often, by the time parents seek therapy they are already very frustrated by the breakdown of communication and the lack of respect their children show them. A simple request to take out the garbage can turn into a 2 minute back-and-forth argument.
The good news is that it shouldn’t be that way and it doesn’t have to be that way.
In therapy, you will gain the parenting skills you need to:
Enforce household rules without having to yell or punish
Set firm but fair consequences
Avoid power struggles and arguments
Listen so your children will talk and feel understood by you
Speak in a way that your children will listen
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