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Are you struggling with depression, trauma, anxiety, anger, grief, addiction, parenting, relationship or career related issues? You will gain the insight, healing and tools you need to overcome your challenges and move forward. I will partner with you to ensure you reach your therapeutic goals and achieve lasting results!

Learn how to effectively deal with past and present issues so that you can finally create the future you  truly deserve.

If you are suffering from depression, trauma, anxiety, anger, grief, addiction, parenting, relationship or career related issues, help is here! With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of clients treated successfully, I have the knowledge, skills and understanding to help you lead a more content, fulfilling and functional life. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP-II) with extensive training in Cognitive behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychoanalytic Theory, and Gottman Method couples therapy. More importantly, I treat people, not modalities or disorders! Therefore, my treatment style draws on a number of different methods depending on your specific needs.

Often, even a few sessions can make a difference.



Learn how to effectively manage your anxiety so that you can reclaim your life.


Resolve traumatic memories and symptoms safely and effectively. Live for today.


Develop tools to manage and reduce your depression so that you can enjoy life again.

Aging & Elderly Issues

Getting on in years doesn’t have to mean giving up on quality of life.

Grief & Loss

Learn to live with a “new normal” and enjoy life again.

Parenting & Child Raising

Develop and increase your parenting skills, and improve your relationships with your child/ren.

Relationships & Marriage

Develop and increase your communication skills, and improve your relationship with your partner or spouse.


With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of clients treated successfully, I have the knowledge, skills and understanding to help you reach your goals.

Mental health is my passion and I invest 110% into every client I work with. From a very young age, human thought and behavior was my primary interest. I remember being bullied in grade school and wondering why bullies felt the need to bully others.  As I grew, so did my fascination with human nature and motivation. As such, I pursued a Bachelors degree in psychology from Queens College (CUNY) in 2005, and went on to obtain a Masters degree in social work from Wurzweiler School of Social Work in 2007. I became licensed later that same year and then earned my clinical social work license in the state of New Jersey in 2010.

What Patients Say

Heather is compassionate but honest, empathic but straightforward.

R. M., Lyndhurst, NJ

My children were driving me crazy. The fighting and power struggles escalated to unacceptable degrees. Mrs. Feigin identified my depression after only a few sessions and and helped me get the proper psychiatric help I needed. At the same time, she worked with me on my parenting issues. Today, our household is a much calmer, happier place.

Y.L., Belleville, NJ

I come from a very dysfunctional background. As an adult, I dated a lot, but nothing progressed beyond a few superficial dates. With Heather’s help, I came to understand that I was sabotaging potentially good and lasting relationships because I was afraid of repeating my parents’ mistakes. Today, I’m happily engaged!

S.W., Monsey, NY

I have suffered from severe anxiety all my life. I had been to 3 previous therapists, and tried medication, all with little to no improvement. Mrs Feigin immediately took a multi-pronged approach with me, and worked to uncover the source of my anxieties, all while providing tools and techniques to help relieve my symptoms. She gently but firmly encouraged me to explore parts of myself and my past that I had been afraid to previously. Today, I’m nearly symptom free. I highly recommend Mrs. Feigin as an excellent therapist!

G.J., Harrison, NJ

Heather helped us achieve a closeness in our marriage we never thought possible. Our communication is so much better now!

F.J. & D.J, Nutley, NJ

Heather Feigin has been working as a therapist in our agency since March 2009. She has developed into an outstanding therapist, who relates very well to varied clientèle. Mrs. Feigin has worked with many clients with marital conflicts and parenting issues. She is empathic and intelligent in her work with clients. I have supervised her during these years and highly recommend her as a therapist.

H. K., Clifton, NJ

My depression was preventing me from being the kind of father, breadwinner and husband I hoped I would be someday. By the time I started treatment with Heather, I had been suffering for years and my family was suffering along with me. Heather used a cognitive-behavioral approach to help me recognise that my thoughts were negative and self-deprecating. We explored the origin of these destructive thought patterns and slowly, I began to change them. Today I’m happy to report that I am holding down a great job, having fun with my kids, and my marriage is better than ever.


As a young newly wed from a tumultuous background, I had no idea what it meant to be a healthy spouse or partner. Shortly after my wedding, my marriage began to disintegrate. Heather helped me understand and acknowledge the dysfunctional role I playing in the marriage and the ways I was contributing to it’s demise. I still have work to do, but my marriage is on solid ground! I would definitely recommend Heather as a therapist.

S.S., Passaic, NJ

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